About us

Company headquarters: Targowisko 476
Department: Bochnia, ul. Gazowa 6
Department: Bieruń, ul. Chemików 133
TT Plast, based in Targowisko, is one of the leading manufacturers of casing pipes in Poland. The company's products are mainly used in the electric and energy industries.
The company started its activity in 2002 from the production of electrical installation equipment accessories (including corrugated pipes made of PP and PVC, rigid RL pipes, along with accessories and wiring ducts). In 2008, the company expanded its offer by halogen-free products. In order to meet market demands, in 2010 TTPlast began the production of double-layer corrugated pipes, and in 2012 rigid underground and overground casing pipes. In 2014 split casing pipes were introduced into the offer, which are also known as repair pipes, closing the pallet of underground casing pipes.
To ensure full control over the production process, the company purchased in 2009 "Zakład Produkcji Granulatów PCV i Wtrysków" (PVC Granulates and Injections Proction Plant), which was an organized part of the NITROERG Enterprise in Bieruń. With a professional research laboratory, TTPlast gained the ability to perform systematic research on the quality of products and modification of technological processes at the level of raw materials. Modern technology is supported primarily by knowledge and experience of professionals in the production of mixtures and PVC granulates.
In 2013 the Company purchased a production facility in Bochnia at ul. Gazowa 6. Thus it came into possession of a new, fully modernized production plant with a total area of production halls equal to 6 thousand m2.
An energy-saving system managing power consumption is used in the halls, which translates into a significant reduction in electricity consumption. Cooling installations are also used, equipped with natural cooling systems, so called "free cooling", with a power value of 4 MW.
The facility is also equipped with a modern laboratory that enables regular testing of products for compliance with applicable standards, directives and technical approval.
The new production facility enables the company to continually expand their offer by new products and thereby it gets the company closer to achieving its objective: to increase revenue and become a leader among European manufacturers of electrical and energy casing pipes.
TTPlast is an environmentally friendly company. The technologies that it uses guarantee almost complete reduction of pollution. TTPlast ensures that both the production process and the final products are organic, and the adverse impact on the environment is minimized. For this purpose, company purchased the most modern line for regranulating and grinding waste products, thanks to which the whole technological process is closed within the plant.
In addition to its core business, TTPlast has an extensive transport and logistics network which utilizes modern IT solutions.
One of the key strengths of the company is its employees. Its human resources policy ensures appropriate selection, training and motivation of about 120 employees.